Wholesale and retail trade and service activities;Income and consumption

Index of wholesale and retail salesOctober 2020


Index of retail sales. Per cent change
Volume index. Seasonally adjusted1Volume index. Calendar adjusted2
Monthly change3-months change12-months change
October 2020 / September 2020August 2020 - October 2020 / May 2020 - July 2020October 2020 / October 2019
1In addition to be adjusted for calendar effects this is also adjusted for the seasonal pattern during the year.
2Adjusted for different number of business days and different turnover intensity between weekdays and also adjusted for public holidays in Norway.
3For more details about the industries, see G, 47 here: https://www.ssb.no/en/klass/klassifikasjoner/6
47 Retail trade31.2-2.010.6
47.1 Ret. sale in non-specialised stores1.9-1.415.0
47.2 Ret. sale of food, beverages etc.4.2-2.29.3
47.3 Ret. sale of automotive fuel-2.92.9-2.8
47.4 Ret. sale of ICT-equipment-0.3-13.6-14.0
47.5 Ret. sale of other household equip.-0.4-6.210.0
47.6 Ret. sale of cultural/recreation goods-1.4-16.07.6
47.7 Ret. sale of other goods0.83.64.4
47.9 Ret. trade not in stores/stalls etc.9.30.735.6