NOK 14.5 billion in cross border trade


Norwegians spent NOK 14.5 billion in cross border trade on day trips in the last four quarters. This is a 6 per cent increase compared with the previous four-quarter period.


Quarterly figures uncertain

Cross border trade is a sample survey. The uncertainty of the quarterly cross border trade is quite extensive, at about NOK 0.5 billion. This means that if the total cross border trade in a quarter is NOK 3.5 billion, there is a 95 per cent certainty that the real figure is between NOK 3 and 4 billion. Comparing two quarters is not certain and we try not to do this.

Year figures are less uncertain

The uncertainty in absolute figures (NOK) of the sum of four quarters is double that of the uncertainty for a quarter. However, the uncertainty is halved when we calculate the four quarters as a percentage. Norwegians spent NOK 13.8 million in cross border trade in 2016. It is 95 per cent certain that the real figure of cross border trade was between NOK 13.3 billion and NOK 14.3 billion in 2015.