Decrease in retail sales
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Index of wholesale and retail salesMarch 2008



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Decrease in retail sales

The seasonally adjusted index of retail sales decreased by 0.4 per cent from February to March this year. Lower sales of clothing, shoes, furniture and building materials contributed to the decrease.

Retail sales volume index seasonally adjusted. 2000 - 2008

The seasonally adjusted volume index of other sales of new goods in specialised stores, including clothing, shoes, electrical goods, furniture and construction materials decreased by 1.1 per cent from February to March. In the same period, retail sales in non-specialised stores increased by 0.6 per cent. Retail sales in non-specialised stores mainly include everyday commodities.

Due to Easter, it is difficult to compare the sales index for March with the corresponding month in 2007. The seasonally adjusted index takes Easter into account, but it is difficult to correct for Easter shopping. Therefore, the seasonally adjusted index for March is more uncertain than the seasonally adjusted indices for the other months.

The volume index not adjusted decreased by 5.9 per cent from March 2007 to March 2008. In the same period, the value index decreased by 4.8 per cent.

Retail Sales indices. March 2008. 2000=100
  March 2008 Per cent
  February-March 2008 March 2007-March 2008 April 2006-March 2007-April 2007-March 2008 January -March 2007-January -March 2008
Retail sales value index exclude value added tax : Total excluding motor vehicles and petrol  124.5   -4.8 6.7 3.7
Retail sales volume index: Total, excluding motor vehicles and petrol. Not seasonally adjusted numbers  121.5   -5.9 6.1 2.4
Retail sales volume index: Total, excluding motor vehicles and petrol. Seasonally adjusted numbers  139.2 -0.4 3.3 6.7 4.1