Municipal and county council election, candidates2011

As from 2015 the statistics is published with Municipal and county council election, candidates and representatives.


About the statistics


Name and topic

Name: Municipal and county council election, candidates
Topic: Elections

Responsible division

Division for Population Statistics

Definitions of the main concepts and variables

Information about the parties list nominees on a individual level, was collected for the first time prior to the local election in 2007. The questionnaires consist of information about whether the candidate was a list nominee in the previous local election, eventually what number on the list he or she was, and if the candidate has a voting amendment. Further, information about country background, gender, age, education, occupational status and industry is combined with the national identity number for each candidate.

Standard classifications

Classification of counties Classification of countries and citizenship in population statistics Standard classification of occupations Classification for Areas of study- /education programmes

Administrative information

Regional level

County level.

Frequency and timeliness

Every four years (election year).

International reporting

Not relevant.


The statistics files are stored in Statistics Norway and in the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) for research purposes.


Background and purpose

The purpose is to produce official statistics about the list nominees for the municipal council and county council election. Since 2007, Statistics Norway has collected the national identity number of all candidates so that they can be combined with various variables such as income, country background, education and occupational status. Previous, election researchers have been dependent on samples to show the connection between the list nominees and the actual elected representatives.

Users and applications

Election researchers, journalists and students. Municipalities and county municipalities. Political parties.

Coherence with other statistics

This should be seen in connection with the election results of municipal and county municipal elections.

Legal authority

§ 2-2 of the Statistics Act and § 15-7 of the Election Act

EEA reference

Not relevant.



The population consists of all list nominees available for election in the municipal council and county council election.

Data sources and sampling

The data source consists of electronic questionnaires on the Internet. These are completed by the counties and municipalities, and submitted to Statistics Norway.

Full count of all list nominees.

Collection of data, editing and estimations

Electronic questionnaires on the Internet completed and submitted by the counties and municipalities.

Manual and computerised controls are carried out, mainly to check that the total figures are correct and logical checks.

Not relevant.


Not relevant.

Comparability over time and space

Since 2007, Statistics Norway has collected information about all the candidates for the municipality council and county council election.

Accuracy and reliability

Sources of error and uncertainty

It is essential for the quality of the statistics that the information from the counties and municipalities is correct. If the list nominees entry by mistake is listed on an incorrect party, but still on a party with an active list in the local election, this error is difficult to control. Furthermore, there is a risk of error if the municipality/county has not sent a complete list of parties and candidates for the election.

Not relevant.

Not relevant.

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