Decline in salmon export price
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Nowegian weekly Statistical export price and export volume for fresh and frozen salmon.

Export of salmonweek 4 2017



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Decline in salmon export price

In the period from 23 January – 29 January the export price of fresh salmon came to NOK 70.35 per kilo. This is a decrease of 3.0 per cent compared to the previous seven-day period.

Exports of farmed salmon. Weekly figures1
Week 4 2017Change in per cent
Week 3 2017 - Week 4 2017Week 4 2016 - Week 4 2017
1Selected commodity numbers for fresh salmon are 03.02.1411 and 03.02.1419 and frozen salmon 03.03.1311 and 03.03.1319.
Price per kilo (NOK)
Fresh or chilled salmon70.35-3.042.9
Frozen salmon70.79-1.739.2
Quantity (tonnes)
Fresh or chilled salmon14 137-0.6-10.0
Frozen salmon334-7.20.0

The export quantity of fresh salmon was 14 137 tonnes in the period 23 January – 29 January. This is 0.6 per cent less than in the previous week, 16 January – 22 January, when exported volume was 14 219 tonnes. 

Norway exported 334 tonnes of frozen salmon at NOK 70.79 per kilo in the period 23 January – 29 January.