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Revised 2000

Norwegian Standard Classification of Education 2016

The Norwegian Standard Classification of Education (NUS2000) is above all primarily meant for use in official Norwegian statistics. The main purpose is to define and classify educational activities according to level and field of education.


The main changes in relation to previous classifications are: A new division of levels, a field classification that is the same across all levels and clarifications of which educational programmes are included in each level.

Education is also at the international agenda, and Statistics Norway is contributing in submitting education statistics to international organisations. Data is used in publications in which the education statistics of various countries are compared. To best ensure international comparisons a key is made to link codes in NUS2000 to codes ISCED97/ISCED 2011.

This version of the document contains revisions from NUS1989 to NUS2000 as well changes that has affected the classification in the period after it was completed in 2000.


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Norwegian Standard Classification of Education 2016. Revised 2000

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