More serious traffic injuries
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Road traffic accidents involving personal injury, final figures2000



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More serious traffic injuries

A total of 8 440-road traffic accidents were reported to the police in 2000. 341 persons lost their lives and 11 662 were injured in these accidents. This is respectively 37 and 202 fewer fatalities and injured persons compared to 1999.

 Persons injured, by age group. 1996-2000. 1996=100

 Persons killed or injured, by degree of injury. 1991-2000. 1991=100

Of the 11 662 persons injured in traffic accidents last year, 116 were dangerously injured, 1 149 were seriously injured while 10 397 were slightly injured. The average figures for the five-year period 1995- 1999 show 304 killed, 161 dangerously injured, 1 145 seriously injured and 10 531 slightly injured.

20 children under the age of 15 lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2000, while 956 were injured. This is about the same number as in 1999. The average figures for 1995-1999 show 18 killed and 1012 injured. Of the 20 children killed last year, nine were passengers of automobile, three cyclists, four were pedestrians, two were sledging or skiing and two other road-users.

 Persons killed or injured, by road-user group. 1996-2000. 1996=100

 Persons killed, by age group. 1996-2000. 1996=100

Most of the victims were in the age groups 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, with respectively 42, 47 and 44 fatalities. 39 per cent of the motorists killed last year were between 15 and 30 years old.

The number of persons killed in the age group 65-69, decreased from 17 in 1999 to 8 in 2000. In the age group 80 years and over the number of persons killed decreased by 8.

40 motorcyclists lost their lives and 703 were injured in 2000. The corresponding figures for 1999 were 33 killed and 750 injured.

The number of killed or injured pedestrians increased from 34 and 920 respectively in 1999 to 47 and 951 in 2000.

 Accidents involving person injury. County. 1999-2000

The number of accidents in 2000 fell the most in Vest-Agder, Hordaland and Telemark counties, with respectively 65, 51 and 39 fewer accidents than in 1999. Sør-Trøndelag, Østfold og Akershus counties increased the most with respectively 54, 52 and 38 more accidents.