Transport and tourism
Norway’s maritime accident statistics show that 232 people incurred significant injuries in 2014.

Marine casualties (discontinued)2014

Discontinued statistics. Figures for marine casualties are available at Norwegian Maritime Authority.


About the statistics


Name and topic

Name: Marine casualties (discontinued)
Topic: Transport and tourism

Responsible division

Transport, Tourism and ICT Statistics

Definitions of the main concepts and variables

The distinction between vessels totally and partially lost is not always clear. A vessel, which seems to be totally lost, might later be repaired and put back in service. The damage on a partially lost vessel can likewise be so extensive that it later is found not worthwhile to repair.

Personnel injuries are accidents without damage on the vessel.

Standard classifications

Classification by type of vessel  is by Statistics Norway standard

Administrative information

Regional level

Figures given by maritime coastal area as defined by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Frequency and timeliness

Released annually and within 6 monhts after reference year.

International reporting



Source data stored as text files.


Background and purpose

The statistics provide information on the number of Norwegian vessels totally or partially lost, and personnel accidents in and around these vessels. Foreign vessels operating along the coast of Norway is also included.

The statistics have been produced since 1906. Statistics Norway has produced and published the statistics from 1970.

Users and applications

State and local government, research institutions, and the generel public.

Coherence with other statistics

Other statistics in the area of maritime traffic and maritime transport lack information on accidents.

Legal authority

Statistics Act Sections 2-2 and 3-2.

EEA reference




Production was changed in 2007 to include all casualties on the vessels (not just crew), foreign vessels in Norwegian coastal waters, injuries on personnel and casualties involving leisure boats.

Data sources and sampling

Data comes directely from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

The statistics is compiled as a survey with a complete count.

Collection of data, editing and estimations

The Norwegian Maritime Directorate receives most of the information through reports from shipowner or master.

Data is sent to Statistics Norway by e-mail. 

Level and trend is analysed and verified on an aggregate level. Individual accidents are only audited if major in size.


There are no confidential information in source data.

Comparability over time and space

Through 2005 only Norwegian vessels of 25 gross tonnes and more where included in the ship accidents. With personnell accidents only crew where included.

Accuracy and reliability

Sources of error and uncertainty

The Maritime Investigators call the accident a total or partial loss. The demand for timeliness in statistics might cause the Maritime Investigators to complete forms before all information is available. The codes, especially for the cause of the casualty, might therefore be altered after the statistics have been published.