2 millions tourists
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Travel surveyQ1 2005



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2 millions tourists

In first quarter of 2005, 2 millions Norwegians aged 16-79 went on a trip involving at least one overnight stay. This is an increase of 7 per cent compared with 1s t quarter last year. It means that 3 out of 5 of the Norwegian inhabitants in the relevant age group went on a trip during the this quarter.

This 7 per cent increase has probably connection with the fact that Eastern this year was in the 1s t quarter, while Eastern last year was in the 2n d quarter.

Number of trips by purpose and quarter.

Outbound trip

About one in four trips, or 1.2 million, was an outbound trip in 1s t quarter this year. About 20 per cent of the trips abroad went to Sweden. The main holiday destination, Spain, came second with 16 per cent, while Denmark and United Kingdom came third and fourth, respectively.