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Road goods transport by Norwegian lorriesQ2 2018



As from 16 November 2018 the statistics is published with Carriage of goods by lorry

Transport performance by Norwegian lorries1
2nd quarter 2018Change in per cent
Transport performance (million tonne-km)Share2nd quarter 2017 - 2nd quarter 20182nd quarter 2013 - 2nd quarter 2018
1There are carried out several changes in the Road Goods Survey since 3rd quarter 2015, that to a certain degree influence on the comparability in the results between the quarters. Se more details in About the statistics.
National and international transport, total4 932.5100.0-4.4-9.2
National transport for hire or reward and own account4 314.987.5-2.2-8.6
National transport for hire or reward3 312.267.2-6.9-10.0
National transport for own account1 002.720.317.0-3.7
International transport for hire or reward and own account617.612.5-17.4-13.1