Transport and tourism

Registered goods vehicles2002


About the statistics


Name and topic

Name: Registered goods vehicles
Topic: Transport and tourism

Responsible division

Transport, tourism and ICT statistics

Definitions of the main concepts and variables

Other lorries include recovery vehicles, concrete-mixer lorries, cesspool emptiers, refuse collection trucks, refrigerator vehicles etc.
Combined vehicles are vehicles that can be used to carry both passengers and cargo.
Carrying capacity: The maximum permissible volume of goods the vehicle is registered for

Standard classifications

County, municipality
The vehicle groups are defined according to code lists issued by the Directorate of Public Roads

Administrative information

Regional level

County is the lowest publishing level, municipality the lowest registration level.

Frequency and timeliness

Annual statistics

International reporting

Not relevant


Production data are saved in SAS and ASCII format on UNIX.


Background and purpose

The statistics show the structure and development of goods vehicle stocks, including stock and capacity statistics by lorry group for all goods vehicles and for only diesel-powered vehicles. The statistics were established in 1977.

Users and applications

The statistics are used by authorities, industry organizations and others interested in information about the structure and development of lorry stocks. The statistics also provide an important basis for estimating domestic transport performances.

Coherence with other statistics

National road goods transport

Legal authority

Statistics Act Section 3-2 (Administrative registers)

EEA reference

Not relevant



The statistics cover lorries and special vehicles with mounted number plates as of 31 December. They do not include lorries registered as camping vehicles, or lorries with a carrying capacity of more than 30 tons.

Data sources and sampling

The Register of Vehicles at the Directorate of Public Roads. The register contains technical and other information about vehicle stocks in Norway.

Complete overview from administrative registers

Collection of data, editing and estimations

Utilization of administrative registers

The results are compared with information about vehicle stocks found in other sources.

The result are published in original form (not seasonally adjusted)


Not relevant

Comparability over time and space

Comparable statistics have been prepared dating back to 1977.

Accuracy and reliability

Sources of error and uncertainty

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