Increase in inbound trips


Norwegians aged 16–79 took 3.5 million inbound trips with at least one overnight stay during the 1st quarter of 2017; an increase of 18 per cent compared with the 1st quarter of 2016.

Calculation of sample uncertainty in 1st quarter

The travel survey is carried out among 2 000 Norwegians between 16 and 79 years of age. A new sample is drawn very quarter.

The uncertainty calculated with 95 per cent certainty for the 1st quarter is:

  • Number of trips: published value NOK 4.9 million. Interval: NOK 4.5 million to NOK 5.4 million
  • Guest nights: published NOK 19.1 million. Interval: NOK 18.2 million to NOK 20 million
  • Tourist expenditure: published value NOK 28.9 billion. Interval: NOK 25.8 billion to NOK 32 billion