Cabin rentals popular with foreigners


Foreign nationals accounted for 83 per cent of all guest nights in Norwegian cabins arranged through intermediaries of cabins in 2019. In 7 out of 10 guest nights, the guests were from Denmark, Germany or Sweden.

Figures from the statistics on intermediaries of cabins show that there were a total of 924 000 guest nights in 2019: 768 000 for foreign nationals and 156 000 for Norwegians. Figures for holiday dwellings also show that foreign nationals accounted for the majority of guest nights. For further details, see the table.

Figure 1. Share of guest nights by country. 2019

Share of total (per cent)
Norway 17 % 16.9413427
Sweden 20 % 20.1396515
Denmark 26 % 26.2609258
Germany 25 % 24.8251381
Other Europe 11 % 10.7484467
Other countries 1 % 1.0844952

A total of 389 000 guest nights were intermediated in Hedmark in 2019. This corresponds to 42 per cent of the total guest nights. Buskerud was the second most popular destination with 136 000 guest nights. There was a significant increase in summer guest nights in these two counties which are traditionally known as skiing destinations.

1 Area of Oslofjord = Østfold, Akershus, Oslo og Vestfold. Agder = Aust-Agder og Vest-Agder. Midt-Norge = Møre og Romsdal og Trøndelag. Nord-Norge = Nordland, Troms og Finnmark

Figure 2. Guest nights by region¹. 2019

Guest nights
Nord-Norge 6899
Area of Oslofjord 15094
Sogn og Fjordane 19787
Midt-Norge 24087
Oppland 43934
Rogaland 50779
Telemark 77951
Hordaland 79159
Agder 82762
Buskerud 135663
Hedmark 388186

Variance in respondents leads to uncertainty

Today’s statistics have weaknesses in a few areas. Firstly, it is not clear how the population is defined. Secondly, these statistics only contain guest nights arranged through Norwegian intermediaries of cabins. Bookings to Norway through international actors are not included.