Solid results in telecommunications
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Solid results in telecommunications

In 2005, the local kind of activity units (KAUs) within post and telecommunication services had a good year, and the created values amounted to NOK 30.8 billion. This was an increase by 2 per cent from the previous year. However, employment has dropped, and in 2005 the industry employed 37 028 persons.

The local KAUs within telecommunications experienced a NOK 8.5 billion positive operating result, an 34 per cent increase from the previous year. The positive result is caused by a 7 per cent decrease in operating costs. The operating margin closed at 15 per cent, employment at 12 562 persons in 2005.

Operation income and operating costs, telecommunications activities. Local KAUs 2005. Million NOK

Employment, by industry subclass. Local KAUs. 2000-2005

Weak result for Internet service providers

The negative results are about to turn for Internet service providers even though there still was a negative operating result in 2005. The negative operating result was reduced by NOK 400 million in 2005. The operating margin increased by 10 per cent from 2004 to 2005.

Workforce reductions in postal services

Postal services employed 19 015 persons in 2005. These are 560 persons fewer than in 2004. The operating results as well as the value added decreased in 2005. The operating margin was 9 per cent, a 1 per cent decrease from the previous year.

Good profitability in courier activities

Local KAUS within courier activities showed a NOK 214 million positive operating result in 2005. The operating margin was 8 per cent. The increase in turnover is due to new enterprises in the industry.

County numbers

A few big companies characterize the industries telecommunication and post activities. Restructurings in these companies will have a considerable influence on the numbers distributed on counties.

Statistics on the enterprise level

The structural business statistics for post and telecommunication activities are compiled both on the local KAU level and on the enterprise level. On the enterprise level the turnover and the employment had about the same development as the local KAUs. The enterprises within post and telecommunications employed 36 811 persons in 2005.