Sales totaling NOK 62 billion
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Sales totaling NOK 62 billion

Enterprises in post and telecommunications had sales totaling NOK 62 billion in 1999. 43 000 persons were employed and investments amounted to NOK 7 billion.

A total of 709 enterprises were registered in Post and telecommunications in 1999. These enterprises employed 43 116 persons. Employment was reduced by 1.7 per cent from 1998. Wages amounted to NOK 12.8 billion, and rose by 3.2 per cent. Total sales were NOK 61.8 billion in 1999 compared with 57.5 billion in 1998. Gross investments came to NOK 7.2 billion in 1999, about the same as in 1998.

Take note that parts of the activities within Telenor are allocated to other industries than telecommunications, and are not included in these statistics. Furthermore, developments from 1998 to 1999 are also effected by reorganizations within Telenor. A larger part of Telenor is allocated outside telecommunications in 1999 compared to 1998. Real growth in telecommunications, therefore, was higher than reflected in these statistics.

Sales are measured exclusive of VAT.