Almost 7 500 man-years for police-qualified personnel
Social conditions, welfare and crime
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Police and prosecution - StatRes (discontinued)2007

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Almost 7 500 man-years for police-qualified personnel

Statistics Norway’s new accounts and personnel statistics in StatRes show that the total costs of the police and prosecution authority amounted to NOK 10.3 billion in 2007. This represents a 5 per cent increase from 2006. A total of 69 per cent of the costs constituted wages (including pension costs), while 31 per cent was linked to the purchase of goods and services. Wage costs have increased more than the cost of goods and services in the past two years.

When calculating the police service’s total expenses, Statistics Norway also included unaccounted costs linked to the pension obligations that the police and prosecution service has as an employer. These expenses have increased in line with the accounted wage expenses, and totalled NOK 869 million in 2007.

Stable number of police man-years

Statistics Norway’s new statistics for contracted man-years, adjusted for long-term leaves (sick leave recommended by a doctor and leave of absence to care for a child), show that there were 7 453 man-years for police-qualified personnel in 2007. Corresponding figures for 2005 and 2006 were 7 485 and 7 506 respectively. This equates to 1.6 police man-years per 1 000 population.

During this period, there was an increase in the number of man-years linked to job categories other than police posts. The number of man-years in other job categories increased from 4 100 to 4 900 man-years from 2005. About 200 of these new man-years are, however, linked to an purely organisational change that entailed the Public Prosecutors being moved to the police and prosecution area from 2006. The total number of man-years in the police and prosecution service corresponded to almost 12 400 in 2007.

400 000 reported offences

In 2007, a total of 398 000 offences were reported to the police, of which almost 272 000 were crimes. In relation to the year before, there were 1.9 per cent fewer crimes and 2.6 per cent more misdemeanours. Theft and other crimes for profit made up 45.3 per cent of all reported offences in 2007, a smaller share than in 2005 (48.8 per cent). Traffic misdemeanours increased in the same period from 15.7 per cent to 17.3 per cent.

Police and prosecution area in StatRes

The police and prosecution area in StatRes is organisationally limited to cover the Higher Prosecuting Authority, National Police Directorate, Police Districts, National Criminal Investigation Service, Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime, Central Mobile Police Service, National Police Immigration Service, National Police Computing and Material Service, Public Prosecutors, Norwegian Police University College and Norwegian Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs. The indicator set for the police and prosecution area in StatRes is currently being developed and in the long term will be extended with additional and more detailed indicators. The publication in 2007 includes a limited number of main indicators from Statistics Norway's statistics on costs, man-years, crime, fear of crime and police education. The cost and man-year statistics are new and have been specially developed by Statistics Norway for publishing in StatRes. (Further reading in About the statistics).