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Main figures for the Child Welfare Services statistics
1From 2016, figures of assistance measures per 31 December are higher than previous years. The reason is that earlier care measures during the year were prioritized over assistance measures per 31 December, and the figures for assistance measures per 31 December therefore got too low. The distribution between care measures and assistance measures is also changed, due to this change of which measure is prioritized for each child.
The figures for 2014 were corrected at 10:30 am 4 July 2017.
Children with measures from the Child Welfare Services during the year53 08853 43954 620
Assistance measures43 47743 37044 386
Care measures9 61110 06910 234
Children with measures from the Child Welfare Services per 31 December137 12436 81139 260
Assistance measures28 44327 80330 180
Care measures8 6819 0089 080
Children with placement measures per 31 December15 865
Assistance measures6 785
Care measures9 080
Notifications during the year52 99654 39658 254
Investigations started during the year41 92243 68147 865
Investigations closed during the year41 01644 10146 626
Total, employees5 139.25 296.15 787.3