Criminal prosecutions, offences - from police to sentence


The image of the criminal justice systems manner of dealing with criminal cases, is dominated by the fact that we do not know much about who is committing theft. The new statistic on criminal prosecutions also shows that misdemeanours far more often than crimes reported to the police lead to a legal sanction.

Many violent- and sexual crimes are concluded by dropping the prosecution, or acquittal. Less than every sixth crime are settled by court. Narcotic crimes and driving under the influence of alcohol, are the offences most often solved and applied sanctions against.

These are some of the main results from 4-5 years of legal handling with the offences reported to the police in 1997. A closer analysis of the statistic is presented in Samfunnsspeilet, issue 3, 2002: Politiet er mest avgjørende i rettssystemet . (The police is most deciding in the criminal justice system.

Tables number 1-4 give a survey of the decisions of all offences reported to the police in 1997. Table number 5 gives a survey of time used by the Criminal Justice System on all types of offences reported to the police.