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Metadata for Tanzania, 2011

Millenium development goals (MDG) database

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) project aims at re-disseminating national statistical figures on MDG indicators already published at the national level. The project is a cooperation between Statistics Norway (SN) and seven of our partner countries. This document covers metadata for the data from Tanzania.

The international data was collected from the UN MDG database, while the national data was collected from National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The cooperation on data collection was initiated by SN and NBS in Dar es Salaam in March 2010, and continued through the following year. The data collection was regulated by an agreement between NBS and SN. There will be annual updates of the data.

Different international institutions are responsible for delivering data on different data to the UN MDG database; the institutions and what indicators they are responsible for are documented in the chapter on collecting MDG data. The chapter also includes the sources of the national data.

The report presents metadata on all the indicators. Included here are the definitions (the indicators are defined by UN), how the international data are obtained on the specific indicators, the common statistical instruments and specifications on the national sources. The last part also includes relevant deviations from the definitions, and identifies additional information that is available through reanalysing raw data from earlier surveys.

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Millenium development goals (MDG) database. Metadata for Tanzania, 2011


Siv Irene Pedersen, Dag Roll-Hansen

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