Decrease in value added in forestry
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Aggregate account of forestry (discontinued)2012

This statistics has been discontinued. The statistics Annual national accounts  has corresponding figures in Statbank table 09170, choose Industry (A64).



Decrease in value added in forestry

In 2012, the value added in forestry is estimated at NOK 4.6 billion; a decrease of 13 per cent from 2012.

Aggregate account of forestry, logging and related service activities.
NOK millionNOK millionChange in per cent
201120122011 - 2012
Output in forestry7 9507 350-7.5
Initermediate consumption in forestry2 6472 7564.1
Investment work carried out by use of own production factors, total5 3044 594-13.4
¬ Operating surplus in forestry3 3472 502-25.2
Figure 1. Forest products delivered during the year. 2012

The decrease in value added is mostly due to lower timber prices in 2012. In total, the forestry industry delivered forest products and services amounting to NOK 7.4 billion last year. Timber for sale is the largest item in the forest account. In 2012, the aggregated gross value of industrial roundwood and timber consumed by forest owners totalled NOK 2.9 billion; a decrease of NOK 110 million from 2011. Harvested fuel wood amounted to NOK 1 billion; an increase of NOK 100 million from the year before. Fuel wood consumption in households increased by 10 per cent compared to 2011.

The forestry industry purchased goods and services from forestry-related service industries for a total of NOK 1.7 billion in 2012.