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Commodity price index for the industrial sector (discontinued)October 2015

The statistics has been discontinued, but the same figures can be found in this statistics Producer price index for oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity.



The figures for 'commodity price index for the industrial sector level' are published monthly in StatBank.

Commodity price index for the industrial sector. 2000=100
Industrial classificationPer centIndexWeights1
September 2015 - October 2015October 2014 - October 2015October 2015
1The weights are updated annually, and are valid for the entire year.
Extraction, mining, manufacturing and electricity0.0-9.9217.41 000.0
Extraction and related services-0.5-17.1294.8460.7
Mining and quarrying0.92.7177.59.0
Food, beverages and tobacco0.26.8167.7106.4
Refined petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals1.5-16.0178.6125.4
Basic metals-0.40.2181.339.1
Machinery and equipment0.3-2.2152.952.8
Electricity, gas and steam-0.1-23.1175.541.7