Norway with Europe’s highest food prices
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Norway with Europe’s highest food prices

In 2009 Norway had Europe's highest price level for food. “Milk, cheese and eggs” was the relatively most expensive sub-group. Norway was also the most expensive country for alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

Relative price levels for food and non-alcoholic beverages, selected European countries 2009. EU27=100

In 2009, the Norwegian price level for food and non-alcoholic beverages was 54 per cent above the average price level of the 27 EU member countries (EU27). Switzerland and Denmark followed Norway with indices 41 and 39 per cent respectively above average. Prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages in Sweden were about 32 per cent below the price level in Norway.

Milk, cheese and egg prices particularly high

Norwegian prices are 40-70 per cent above the European average for all sub-groups in the survey, except the sub-group “fish”. “Milk, cheese and eggs” had the highest price level in relative terms; 69 per cent above the EU27 average. The sub-groups “meat” and “fruits, vegetables and potatoes” also had high indices, 62 and 54 per cent above average respectively.

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco: Norway on top

Norway and Ireland stand out with Europe’s highest tobacco prices; 119 and 117 per cent above the EU27 average. In a Nordic perspective, the Swedish price level for tobacco was 41 per cent below Norway, while Denmark and Finland had price levels 47 and 50 per cent below. Norway also comes out on top for the sub-group alcoholic beverages; 134 per cent above the EU27 average.

Price levels for Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany. Selected product groups. 2009. EU27=100
  Food and non-alcoholic beverages Milk, cheese and eggs Meat Fruits, vegetables, potatoes Bread and cereals Fish Tobacco Alcoholic beverages
Norway  154  169       162  154  145       122  219  234
Denmark  139  115  131  134  146  120  117  135
Finland  120  111  120  129  128  103  110  170
Germany  111 92  126  127  110  109  119 91
Sweden  104 90  107  119  114 99  130  138
Source:  Eurostat.

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