Increase in prices for new houses
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Price index for new dwellingsQ1 2016



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Increase in prices for new houses

The prices for new houses have increased about 4 per cent since the 1st quarter 2015.

Price index for new dwellings
Price index for new dwellingsPercentage change from the same quarter of the previous year
detached housemulti-dwellingdetached housemulti-dwelling
1st quarter 201597.598.63.39.6
2nd quarter 2015101.398.95.54.6
3rd quarter 201599.9101.12.07.0
4th quarter 2015101.3101.45.16.0
1st quarter 2016101.6102.34.23.8
Figure 1. Price index for new dwellings, 2015=100

From the 1 st quarter of 2015 to the 1 st quarter of 2016 the prices for new detached houses increased by 4.2 per cent. During the last quarter the prices has increased weakly by 0.3 per cent. The prices are measured at the completion date registered in the Cadaster.

The prices for new small houses and flats, measured at the time of sale, have increased by 3.8 percent from the 1 st quarter 2015. From the 4 th quarter 2015 to the 1 st quarter 2016 the prices of new multidwelling houses has increased by 0.9 per cent.

In comparison the house price index for existing dwellings has increased by 4.2 per cent for detached houses, 4.5 per cent for small houses and 6.0 per cent for flats in blocks during the last year.

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Prices of new detached houses and new multi-dwellings are collected at different stages in the building process. New detached houses are measured at the completion date registered in the Cadastre, while new multi-dwellings are measured at the point of sale.