CPI-S up 1.4 per cent
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Consumer price index for Svalbard (discontinued)2012/2013



CPI-S up 1.4 per cent

The CPI-S increased by 1.4 per cent from September 2012 to September 2013. The growth was mainly caused by the price development in 'housing, water, electricity and fuels'.

Consumer price index for Svalbard. October to October. March 2001=100
WeightsIndexChange in per cent
201320132012 - 2013
CPI-S all-item index1 000.0130.11.4
Food and non-alcoholic beverages115.2144.30.8
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco22.6130.20.4
Clothing and footwear70.387.50.8
Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels155.0175.14.7
Furnishings, household equipment and routine maintenance56.6122.32.2
Recreation and culture139.8105.80.7
Restaurants and hotels55.8148.12.9
Miscellaneous goods and services71.2133.92.8

The consumer price index for Svalbard (CPI-S) was 128.3 (March 2001=100) in September 2012 and 130.1 in September 2013, up 1.4 per cent. The consumption division that showed the largest increase in prices, and made the largest contribution to the growth, was 'housing, water, electricity and fuels'. Prices of the consumption division 'transport' decreased, thus dampening the overall rise.

Price level for Svalbard

In 2010 the price level index for Svalbard was 83.4. Projected with last year’s and this year’s CPI-S, the price level index for Svalbard in 2013 is 86.1. Thus, the price level for Svalbard is 13.9 per cent lower compared to the mainland in 2013.