• Research department : annual report 2007

    Plans and reports 2008:10


    The Annual Report 2007 for the research activities of Statistics Norway presents the main fields of research with a complete listing of publications and staff.

  • Annual report 2007

    Plans and reports 2008/6


    2007 was an eventful year for Statistics Norway.

  • Strategy for data collection

    Plans and reports 2007:21


    The challenge for data collection in Statistics Norway is to collect more information of a higher quality at a lower cost.

  • Statistics Norway : IT strategy 2007

    Plans and reports 2007:20


    IT operations in Statistics Norway shall deliver infrastructure and services that support, improve and make more efficient Statistics Norway’s data collection, statistics production and dissemination of statistics products

  • Strategy for human resource

    Plans and reports 2007:17


    Statistics Norway shall be an attractive employer, with the emphasis on learning, innovation and improvement.

  • Ethics and statistics

    Plans and reports 2007:19


    Statistics Norway employees are subject to the general and administrative ethical principles and standards that apply to all public administration employees.

  • Activity plan for 2007, Statistics Norway

    Plans and reports 2007:14


    The Activity plan for 2007 provides a concise overview of the activity plan for Statistics Norway for 2007.

  • Statistics Norway : annual report 2006

    Planer og meldinger 2007/11


    Last year was a good year for Statistics Norway, with several new statistics and a sound economy.

  • Strategy 2007

    Plans and reports 2007:9


    Statistics Norway has created a set of future scenarios that describe what our surroundings and framework might look like ten years from now.

  • Research department : annual report 2006

    Plans and reports 2007:4


    The Annual Report 2006 for the research activities of Statistics Norway presents the main fields of research in 2006 with complete lists of publications and staff.

  • Statistics 2016 : scenarios and strategic challenges

    Plans and reports 2007:1


    The aim of the work carried out by the scenario group is to make a contribution to the process that leads to a new strategy for Statistics Norway.