Plans and reports 2017/06

Communication strategy for Statistics Norway 2017-2020


The Communication Strategy 2017-2020 describes the overarching strategic principles and objectives of Statistics Norway’s external communication up to 2020.

The strategy aims to help Statistics Norway realise its vision: The stories behind the numbers, and underpin the six strategic themes:

  • Connecting with the outside world
  • Themes and stories
  • News and user communication
  • Figures on business
  • Modernisation
  • WCompetence for the future

With these six strategic themes, Statistics Norway will continue to strive to provide statistics and analyses that meet the needs of society.

Technological developments, increasing globalisation and a greater focus on New social phenomena put new and more challenging demands on Statistics Norway and on how we produce and disseminate our statistics.

We do not only aim to provide figures, but to explain what these numbers mean through comparisons and analyses, and we endeavour to meet the users’ requirements for scope, quality and accessibility in the statistics.