Statistics Norway’s statistics release calendar

The statistics release calendar is used to show that Statistics Norway is predictable and professionally independent, and that it treats all users equally.

The calendar shows forthcoming publishing dates of statistics, articles, publications and journals, as well as upcoming events. The calendar is updated continuously. Statistics are released at precisely 8 am every working day.

Statistics are entered in the calendar at least three months before their release date. The date of the next release is also given on the relevant statistics’ web page. For most monthly statistics and some quarterly statistics, the release date is available much further in advance. Other products, such as publications and articles, must also be notified in good time, and no later than the day before publishing.

Release dates should only be changed in exceptional cases, for example due to late delivery of data, where extra quality assurance is needed, or illness. Changes are marked both in the calendar and on the relevant statistics’ web page. Release dates cannot be changed by clients or any other external parties.

Every Monday, a list of selected statistics, publications and events over the following two weeks is sent out, with a link to the statistics release calendar. To receive the list, register at media@ssb.no.