Decrease in development aid
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Development aid from DAC countries as a percentage of GNI reduced. UN aid target of 0.7 per cent of GNI not reached. Norwegian aid is decreasing.

Foreign aid expenditure in OECD countries (discontinued)2014



Decrease in development aid

Total net official development assistance from the OECD countries that are members of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) fell from 0.30 per cent of the countries’ combined gross national income (GNI) in 2013 to 0.29 per cent in 2014. Norway’s share also fell, from 1.07 per cent in 2013 to 0.99 per cent in 2014.

Official development assistance. Annual figures. Mill. US Dollar and percentage of GNI
Amount (mill. US-dollar)ODA-figures from OECD (percentage of GNI)
OECD/DAC-countries total135 072135 1640.300.29
Norway5 5815 0241.070.99
Denmark2 9272 9960.850.85
Sweden5 8276 2231.011.10
France11 33910 3710.410.36
United Kingdom17 87119 3870.700.71
Germany14 22816 2490.380.41
United States31 49732 7290.180.19
Other OECD/DAC countries45 80242 187....
Figure 1. Official Development assistance. 2014. Per cent of GNI

Figures from the OECD show that the development assistance share from the DAC countries fell from 0.30 per cent to 0.29 per cent of GNI from 2013 to 2014. On the other hand, the level of development aid in volumes increased by approximately USD 100 million during the same period.

Falling short of the UN’s target

Development assistance comparisons as a percentage of GNI are often used to measure countries’ expenditure on foreign aid. In 1970, the UN resolved that development aid should account for 0.70 per cent of GNI. Norway, Sweden and Denmark achieved this goal relatively quickly in the 1970s. However, in 2014, only the three Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg achieved the target.

Reduced aid from Norway

In 2013, the Norwegian contribution to development aid was unusually high as a result of an extraordinary disbursement towards prevention of deforestation in the Amazonas. In 2014, the aid contribution was back to normal, which resulted in a decrease from 1.07 to 0.99 per cent of GNI. Norwegian aid contributions have been stable at around one per cent of GNI in recent years.

USA by far the largest contributor

With USD 31.5 billion in development assistance, the USA was by far the largest contributor when comparing monetary values. Following the USA, the largest contributors were the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and France. These five countries contributed approximately USD 87.9 billion in development assistance, which is 65 per cent of the total for the DAC countries.