Increased number of border inspections
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Increased number of border inspections

Norwegian Customs and Excise Administration conducted more than 156 000 border inspections in 2009, about 10 700 additional inspections compared to 2008. Revenues from taxes collected went down NOK 16.2 billion from the preceding year, and amounted to NOK 180 billion.

Norwegian Customs and Excise - StatRes is from 2010.10.12 updated with figures regarding input measured in man-years for 2009.

In order to prevent illegal imports and exports of goods, the Norwegian Customs and Excise Administration carries out border inspections of travellers, conveyances and goods on conveyances. Approximately 156 000 border inspections were conducted in 2009, and 12.5 per cent of these inspections revealed illegal imports or exports of goods.

Border inspections, by type
  Number of inspections Hits in per cent of inspections1
  2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Inspections of travellers  100 485  105 903  100 502  104 571  111 677 13.5 13.2 13.1 13.8 13.2
Inspections of means of transport 33 900 35 601 32 202 33 372 35 838 9.5 9.6 10.2 12.7 12.6
Inspections of goods 6 084 9 751 7 530 7 621 8 765 1.7 1.1 2.6 2.3 3.6
Total  140 469  151 255  140 234  145 564  156 280 12.0 11.6 11.9 12.9 12.5
1  Share of inspections that revealed illegal imports or exports of goods.

As a result of the boarder inspections, the agency conducted a series of seizures. A significant amount is made within alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. 340 000 litres of alcoholic beverages and 13.8 million cigarettes was confiscated in 2009. It was also seized large quantities of drugs in 2009, including 96.5 kilos of heroin and 1.6 tonnes of cannabis.

Economic audits revealed 174 serious contraventions

Customs and Excise Administration also carries out different types of economic audits to ensure proper declaration of customs duties and taxes. In 2009, 176 000 customs declarations where inspected, of which 38 per cent revealed violations. However, there were only 26 cases classified as serious contraventions (violations considered committed with intent or as a result of gross negligence).

Post-clearance audit is another type of economic control. This is a more thorough audit of businesses and individuals. 1 493 inspections where carried out and more than 70 per cent of these revealed errors of varying severity. 148 of the cases were considered to be serious contraventions.

Collection of taxes. NOK billion

Lower tax collection

The Norwegian Customs and Excise Administration collected NOK 180 billion in taxes in 2009, revenues was thus reduced by NOK 16.2 billion compared to 2008. This is a reflection of lower imports of goods in 2009 than in 2008. The most significant tax was VAT on imported goods, which amounted to NOK 98.7 billion; a decrease of NOK 15.1 billion compared to 2008. Motor vehicle taxes came to NOK 42.3 billion, down NOK 2.2 billion compared with 2008, due to lower imports of cars. Other taxes, including excise on tobacco, alcohol, electric power and emission of CO2 and NOX, amounted to NOK 38.9 billion.

Increased own production

Own production for 2009, defined as the sum of compensation of employees and use of goods and services, is estimated to NOK 1.3 billion. This is an increase of 5.7 per cent compared to 2008. In addition to own production, the agency had expenditure in the form of transfers and gross fixed capital formation.

Statistics regarding input in terms of amounted man-years will be released in third quarter of 2010.

Norwegian Customs and Excise and StatRes

Norwegian Customs and Excise is part of the Ministry of Finance. Organizationally, it is divided into a central directorate and six local customs regions. The responsibilities of the agency are to prevent illegal importation and exportation of goods, and to ensure that customs duties are correctly declared, assessed and paid in timely fashion.

The object of StatRes is to present statistics on central government input, the results of this input in terms of activities and services, and the outcomes of the input. Norwegian Customs and Excise was included in StatRes in 2008. Input indicators measured in NOK are based on the central government’s fiscal account. Input indicators measured in man-years are based on Statistics Norway’s register-based employment statistics. Data regarding activities, services and outcomes are collected directly from Norwegian Customs and Excise. See About the statistics for further information.