Own production expenditure up 8.2 per cent
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Central government units, expenditure (discontinued)2008



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Own production expenditure up 8.2 per cent

New figures for central government input show that total expenditure amounted to NOK 797.7 billion in 2008. Own production amounted to NOK 240.2 billion; an increase of 8.2 per cent compared to 2007.

Central government, own production expenditure by function. NOK billion

In the StatRes system, the value of the government's production of goods and services is labelled own production , and is measured as the sum of compensation of employees, purchased goods and services and consumption of fixed capital. Central government expenditure by function shows that health was the category with the largest increase in own production in 2008 in absolute figures. The increase from 2008 was about NOK 6.5 billion, and was mainly connected to public hospitals.

Transfers to households is the largest expenditure component in central government measured in NOK. This includes old age and disability pensions, sickness, unemployment and education benefits, and family allowances. Transfers to households increased by NOK 19 billion to NOK 289.5 billion in 2008.

Expenditure by ministry

Central government expenditure by ministry, excluding the National Insurance Scheme, shows that the Ministry of Health and Care Services has the highest expenditure, amounting to more than NOK 105 billion in 2008. The Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development are the two other ministries with expenditure exceeding NOK 70 billion. In comparison, the National Insurance Scheme's total expenditure amounted to more than NOK 263 billion in 2008.

In the table showing expenditure by ministry, all units in the central government sector are classified under the ministry to which they are responsible. Transfers between central government units are not included. This means that transfers from the Ministry of Education and Research to the universities are excluded. On the other hand, the universities' own expenditures are included under the Ministry of Education and Research.

The structure and responsibilities of the individual ministries are not stable over time. The figures must therefore be used with caution.