Total tax payments on par with 2016
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The statistics show tax payments to the central government, local authorities and county authorities. By the end of February 2017, total tax payments were NOK 127 billion.

Tax accountsFebruary 2017



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Total tax payments on par with 2016

Total taxes paid to date in 2017 amount to NOK 127 billion. This equals an increase of NOK 208 million compared to the first two months of 2016.

Tax accounts. Distributed taxes. NOK million and change in per cent.
Distributed taxes. Accumulated figures so far this yearChange in per cent compared to same period previous year
February 2016February 2017February 2016February 2017
Distributed taxes, total126 349126 557-7.50.2
Ordinary taxes on income and wealth, central government4 5145 774-11.527.9
Ordinary taxes on extraction of petroleum4 4303 188-49.7-28.0
Special income tax on extraction of petroleum6 9235 181-52.8-25.2
Tax equalization contributions to the central government44 73442 7383.5-4.5
Ordinary taxes to county authorities (incl. Oslo)3 7994 0972.37.8
Ordinary taxes to municipalities17 79719 5273.19.7
Member contributions to the National Insurance Scheme16 40117 2945.05.4
Employer contributions to the National Insurance Scheme27 38928 274-3.23.2
Taxes on dividends to foreign shareholders363483
Figure 1. Paid and distributed taxes by county authority. January - February accumulated. Change in per cent

In February, the total tax amount paid was NOK 37 billion. This equals a decline of 8.5 per cent compared to February last year. Of this sum, NOK 27 billion was paid through the non-personal taxpaying arrangement excluding taxes levied on petroleum extraction. NOK 8 billion was from petroleum taxes. By comparison, these taxes totalled NOK 11 billion in February 2016. Payments made through the advance tax arrangement accounted for approximately NOK 1.6 billion.

So far this year, payments made to central government total NOK 49 billion, which equals a decline of NOK 736 million compared to the same period in 2016. Local government has received NOK 24 billion. Payments to the National Insurance Scheme amount to NOK 46 billion, compared NOK 44 billion in 2016.