Increased tax payments in February
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Tax accountsFebruary 2011



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Increased tax payments in February

By the end of February this year, NOK 128.6 billion had been paid in taxes in Norway. This sum is 14.4 per cent higher than the sum for the corresponding period in 2010. It is also higher than the sum of taxes paid by the end of February 2009.

Paid and distributed taxes by county. Change in per cent, January-February, 2009 to 2010 and 2010 to 2011

Taxes on petroleum extraction account for a large part of the taxes paid in February. The total sum of petroleum taxes in the two first months of 2011 was NOK 28.8 billion. This sum is NOK 7.5 billion higher than at the end of February 2010.

Another large part of the taxes paid in February was tax equalisation contributions to the central government paid through the non-personal taxpaying arrangement. A total of NOK 26.2 billion was paid in the two first months of 2011. This is 14.5 per cent more than in the corresponding period in 2010.

Small amounts were paid in taxes to the municipalities and the national insurance scheme in February. Taxes to the municipalities totalled NOK 1.1 billion and total contributions to the national insurance scheme were NOK 0.8 billion. The sums for the two first months now stand at NOK 19.4 billion and NOK 35.4 billion respectively.

There have been some changes in the income system for the municipalities. This involves increased subsidies from the central government and a lower tax rate at the municipality level. The new rules are valid for incomes earned in 2011. The changes do not affect the tax account statistics yet, because taxes paid in January and February were taxes on income for November and December 2010.