Updated general government surplus
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Government revenue and expenditure. Taxes, petroleum revenue, social benefits, public road and railway investments. Government revenue from the petroleum sector declined by NOK 100 billion in 2015.

General government revenue and expenditure2015

The statistics describe government revenue and expenditure. Together with financial assets and liabilities, they give a comprehensive overview of the sector’s finances.



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Updated general government surplus

General government revenue and expenditure is now revised with updated data for 2015. The general government surplus is estimated at NOK 186 billion, which is NOK 6 billion more than the previously published surplus.

General government. Revenue, expenditure and net lending/borrowing. Accrued values. NOK million
General government revenue1 580 5951 664 6771 662 5781 691 8641 682 753
General government expenditure1 205 1221 254 1271 331 2461 416 5841 496 789
Net lending/borrowing (-)375 474410 551331 332275 280185 964
Central government net lending/borrowing394 979427 676354 512298 629202 637
Local government net lending/borrowing-19 505-17 126-23 180-23 349-16 673

The statistics have been updated based on new accounting information and tax estimates. In central government, there are only minor revisions, mainly due to new accounting information for universities, university colleges and other extra-budgetary units. The central government surplus is calculated at NOK 203 billion – approximately NOK 1 billion more than previously released data.

Decreased deficit in local government

In the local government sector the deficit for 2015 is revised down by NOK 4 billion, to NOK 17 billion, due to new accounting data from municipalities and county authorities. The revenue items taxes on goods and services, dividends and disposals of non-financial non-produced assets have all been adjusted upwards.

Surplus of NOK 51 billion in 1st quarter 2016

New quarterly revenue and expenditure statistics for general government show that the surplus amounted to NOK 51 billion in the first quarter of 2016. This is more than NOK 7 billion less than in 2015, broadly explained by decreased revenues from companies engaged in petroleum activities. Parts of the decrease in petroleum revenues are offset by increased dividends from government-owned corporations in other industries.

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