Public sector

Government Pension Fund Norway (discontinued)2nd half-year 2004

This statistics has been discontinued. Consult The Government Pension Fund.


The operational management of the Pension Fund Norway is carried out by the National Insurance Scheme Fund.



About the statistics


Name and topic

Name: Government Pension Fund Norway (discontinued)
Topic: Public sector

Responsible division

Division for Public Finance

Definitions of the main concepts and variables

Total assets: The sum of all financial and fixed assets in the Government pension fund - Norway's balance sheet.

Total debt and equity capital: The sum of all liabilities items (debts) and equity capital in the Government pension fund - Norway's balance sheet. Should equal total assets.

Financial instrument: Rough classification of assets and liabilities by type.

Debtor/creditor sector: Financial assets and liabilities are classified according to which institutional sector in the economy the individual debtor or creditor belongs to.

Standard classifications

Standard classifications that are used are described under 4.1.

Administrative information

Regional level

National level only

Frequency and timeliness


International reporting

Not relevant


On a yearly basis the micro data are stored in the SAS database.


Background and purpose

The purpose is to offer the public access to short-term statistics that show the development of the Government pension fund - Norway's financial position at the end of June and end of December each year.

Users and applications

On a yearly basis the data are included in a processed form in the statistics General government assets and liabilities, which again are included in the statistics Financial accounts and in the National accounts. Other important users are the Central Bank of Norway and mass media.

Equal treatment of users

No external users have access to the statistics and analyses before they are published and accessible simultaneously for all users on ssb.no at 10 am. Prior to this, a minimum of three months' advance notice is given inthe Statistics Release Calendar. This is one of Statistics Norway’s key principles for ensuring that all users are treated equally.

Coherence with other statistics

On an annual basis the statistics are included in the statistics General government financial assets and liabilities at nominal values.

Legal authority

The Statistics Act, § 2-2

EEA reference

Not relevant.



All of Government pension fund - Norway's assets, liabilities and equity capital.

Data sources and sampling

Data are reported by Folketrygdfondet (the National Insurance Scheme Fund) on filled-in forms.

Collection of data, editing and estimations

The forms are collected electronically.

Checks are carried out on the distribution of the different assets by financial instrument and debtor sector.

Seasonal adjustment

Not relevant.


Not relevant.

Comparability over time and space

Breaks may occur due to changes in the Government pension fund - Norway's balance sheet methods for accounting, or due to changes in the classification by institutional sectors.

Accuracy and reliability

Sources of error and uncertainty

Errors may occur during the distribution of assets items by financial instrument and debtor sector.


Not relevant