Nature and the environment
Statistics on the emission of hazardous substances and particulate matter from 1990 onwards, covering lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), copper (Cu), chromium (Cr), arsenic (As), dioxins, PAHs (PAH total, PAH-6 and PAH-4), and particulate matter (total PM, PM10 and PM2.5) and with detailed classifications.

Emissions to air of hazardous substances and particulate matter1990-2013


Emissions to air of heavy metals, by industry. kg
All industries and households6 9066187322 1564 67729 227
Emissions from international air and ocean transport1 3991423407951 704748
International air transport - Norwegian airlines58825424242
International ocean transport - Norwegian operated ships1 3411343157531 662706
Emissions from Norwegian territory5 5074763921 3612 97328 479
Agriculture and forestry17315911221
Fiske og fangst56623293733
Mining and quarrying91155136
Oil and gas extraction43132640120100
Service activities incidental to oil and gas713333
Food products, beverages and tobacco products7125641
Textiles, wearing apparel, leather000001
Wood and wood products, except furniture, paper and paper products2517515126551601
Printing and reproduction of recorded media000000
Refined petroleum products, chemicals and chemical products, pharmaceutical products3322712132573781
Rubber and plastic products, non-metallic mineral products4342052198583529
Basic metals1 23255412733352 941
Fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment2001114
Building of ships and boats and other transport equipment100016
Furniture and other manufacturing110114
Repair and installation of machinery and equipment000003
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply56401878101194
Water supply, sewerage and waste management743210123117
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of mot.veh.125377149
Accommodation and food service activities2011113
Post and telecommunications1101118
Information and communication, except telecommuncations0000013
Financial and insurance activities100007
Real estate activities100009
Other service activities61814472
Transport via pipelines......
Other transport1 05142431491754 117
Human health and social work activities4123317
Public administration and defence9459826
Households1 8751425025730617 931