More than half of the sludge recovered
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Waste accounts for sludge1993-1999



More than half of the sludge recovered

More than half of the sludge in Norway was recovered in 1999. The trend towards more sludge recovery continues.

 Sludge waste in Norway. By treatment/disposal. Per cent

Sludge is particulate matter and water in a more or less fluid. 350 000 tonnes of sludge were generated in Norway in 1999, counted as dry matter. 69 per cent of this was organic sludge. Sludge amounts to about 5 per cent of total generated waste in Norway. Important sources of sludge are paper production, metal industry, oil drilling and waste water treatment.

Steadily more sludge is recovered and less is landfilled. The share of sludge that was landfilled, decreased from 77 per cent in 1993 to 37 per cent in 1999. Total recovery was 56 per cent in 1999.