Waste amounts increasing steadily
Nature and the environment
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Waste accounts1995-2004



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Waste amounts increasing steadily

In total, 8.4 million tonnes of waste were generated in Norway last year - 21 per cent more than in 1996. In the same period, the gross national product (GNP) increased by about 22 per cent. This means that the amount of waste is rising at the same pace as the Norwegian economy. On the other hand, more waste goes to recycling.

Waste in Norway. By way of treatment. 1993-2002*. 1 000 tonnes. Gross domestic product 1995-2002. Per cent change in volume. 1995=100. Per cent final treatment out of known treatment in parentheses

Waste in Norway, by material type. 1993-2004* and projections for 2005-2010. 1 000 tonnes

The figures presented here have been produced by Statistics Norway.

Waste is a potential environmental problem. Therefore, a political target that the rise in the amount of waste should be considerably lower than the economic growth has been set. If waste is dealt with properly, our resources can be made useful, and the environmental risk will be minimized.

Waste in Norway, by source. 1995-2002* and projections for 2003-2010. 1 000 tonnes