National accounts and business cycles
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National accountsAugust 2018



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Final expenditure and gross domestic product. Rolling three-month sum. Seasonally adjusted. Percentage change in volume12
20162017April 2018May 2018June 2018July 2018August 2018
1Figures from 2017 onwards are preliminary.
2Rolling three-month data is calculated by comparing growth in a three-month period with growth in the previous three-month period. This means that the months of March, June, September and December represent quarters in a year. For example, March will refer to the first quarter.
Gross domestic product1.
Gross domestic product Mainland Norway1.
Petroleum activities and ocean transport1.81.7-2.2-3.0-
Final domestic use of goods and services2.02.6-
Final consumption expenditure of households and NPISH1.
Final consumption expenditure of general government2.
Gross fixed capital formation (GFCF)5.23.6-
Total exports1.1-0.2-
Total imports3.31.6-
Employed persons0.21.10.3
Total hours worked0.40.30.4