Norwegian National Accounts - GNI Inventory for ESA95


On 5 November 2011 Statistics Norway published the first results of the 2011 main revision of the national accounts, including new time series back to 1970 for annual figures and back to 1978 for quarterly data. The main motivation behind the 2011 main revision was to introduce the new industry classification NACE Rev.2 in the Norwegian National Accounts (NNA). But also other elements were introduced, contributing to revision of the NNA figures.

This new 2012 version of the Norwegian GNI Inventory reflects all aspects of methodological issues and sources for the national accounts compilation in Norway and it takes on board the action points and other recommendations in the wake of the September 2009 and May 2010 Eurostat GNI information visits to Statistics Norway. The structure and chapters of the report follows the Eurostat recommendations. The reference year of the Inventory is 2009.