Revisions to the financial accounts


In line with the European revision policy for national accounts, major revisions to the financial accounts should be carried out in connection with the publication of the second quarter accounts. Some of the largest revisions carried out this time are briefly explained in the text below.

Updated input data for calculating households’ holdings of domestic unquoted shares have been incorporated. This has led to major revisions as from 2015 for both stocks and transactions, according to updated figures from Financial accounts

A new method for extrapolation of households’ ownership of shares in the rest of the word sector was implemented in 2017.

Households’ liabilities (loans) have been revised upwards, while other sectors’ liabilities have been revised downwards due to a redistribution of accrued interest between sectors. This revision starts in 2012 and ends in 2017.

Banks’ own holdings of bonds have been consolidated with effect from the first quarter of 2018. Only assets and liabilities between different institutional units are to be recorded in the financial accounts, not own holdings. This is according to the international statistical manuals.