Theatre and opera receive the most
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Theatre and opera receive the most

Almost half a per cent of public expenditure was allocated to cultural purposes via the budget of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Theatre and opera received the largest share of the cultural pie in 1999, accounting for about 20 per cent of the total expenditure on culture, NOK 718 million.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs allocated NOK 3 518 million for cultural purposes in 1999. This is around 0.6 per cent of government expenditure. The largest shares went to theatre and opera (20 per cent), film and media (15 per cent) and music (12 per cent). Public expenditure on culture increased by eight per cent overall compared to the year before. A number of changes were made in the allocations compared with the year before.

Expenditure for cultural purposes for
the budget of The Ministry of Cultural
Affairs 1999. Accounting figures.
Allocated funds. Million kroner
    Per cent
Total 3 517,7 100,0
General cultural purposes 217,1 6,2
Cultural buildings 100,2 2,8
Norwegian Council of Cultural Affairs 179,6 5,1
Artist's grants 233,4 6,6
Fine arts 199,1 5,7
Music purposes 422,7 12,0
Theatre and opera 717,6 20,4
Film and media 529,8 15,1
Library purposes 308,1 8,8
Museum purposes 370,1 10,5
Archive purposes 151,1 4,3
Other cultural protection 88,7 2,5

Change in priorities

The artists grants pot was increased by 50 per cent in relation to the year before. Allocations for general cultural purposes and cultural buildings were doubled in 1999, but amounted nevertheless to only 6 and 3 per cent of the expenditure on culture. The largest decline in allocations was in fine arts and film and cinema, which were cut by NOK 17 and 44 million. While around NOK 10 million went for sports purposes in 1998, no direct allocations to municipalities were made in 1999.

Municipal expenditure on culture

Municipalities spent altogether NOK 4 470 million of net operating expenditure on cultural purposes in 1999. Although no direct allocations for sports purposes were made to municipalities via the budget of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, municipalities gave the most priority to sport. Expenditure on sport, outdoor recreation and other physical activities accounted for most of net operating expenditure, with 31 per cent or NOK 1 414 million. Expenditure on adult education programmes outside the school system, which totalled under NOK 4 million, was more than cut in half compared with last year. In the counties, most of the cultural funds were spent on cultural protection, museums and art and cultural events.

Of the gross operating expenditure on culture, less central service municipalities spent the most per inhabitant, around NOK 1 616. Mixed agricultural and manufacturing municipalities spent NOK 1 017 per inhabitant. By comparison, county operating expenditure (all counties except for Oslo) on culture was NOK 309 per inhabitant. This was an increase of NOK 19 from last year.

About the statistical basis

The statistics are based on the Ministry of Cultural Affairs accounts for 1999 and the Municipal Accounts Statistics, Municipalities, 1999. The information is based on final accounting figures obtained by Statistics Norway from all municipalities.