Norwegians no lazybones
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Norwegians no lazybones

The survey of level of living 2004 indicate that Norwegians are active and like outdoor activities. Seven out of 10 exercise at least once a week. Only 1 out of 10 never train or exercises. Walking, cycling and cross-country skiing are the most popular activities among Norwegians. The youngest are more active than the elderly, and prefer running before walking.

Men play football 3 times more often than women. Team-activity is less popular than individual training - especially for women. Three out of 10 women play team-activities as handball, ice hockey, squash or tennis. However, it is more popular for women to play football.

Enjoy hiking

We enjoy hiking in the forest or in the mountains. Eight out of 10 have been hiking, while five out of 10 have been skiing in forest or mountain areas. About 35 and 43 per cent of men and women picked different kinds of berries during the last year. Picking of berries are the only outdoor-activity that do not decrease with age. It looks like hunting is reserved for men. 15 per cent of the men were hunting compared to 2 per cent of the women. Most of the Norwegians also enjoy being on the beach. 67 per cent was sunbathing last year, while 76 per cent was bathing in salt- or freshwater. Half of the Norwegians were fishing, however, this activity is more popular among men than women.