Increase in meat production
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Meat production2013



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Increase in meat production

A total of 339 300 tonnes of meat from domestic animals were approved for human consumption in 2013; an increase of 4.7 per cent from the same period in the previous year.

Carcasses approved for human consumption
 Tonnes 2013Per cent change from
Pig127 516-3.13.9
Poultry104 03014.123.8
Cattle83 6967.3-3.2
Sheep23 4242.8-2.9

A total of 128 000 tonnes of pork, 104 000 tonnes of poultry, 84 000 tonnes of beef and veal and 23 000 tonnes of mutton and lamb were approved in 2013.

The production of meat from poultry increased by 13 000 tonnes from 2012 to 2103, while the production of meat from cattle increased by 6 000 tonnes in the same period. Compared with 2012, the production of meat from pigs dropped by 4 000 tonnes in 2013.