Increase in production of poultry
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Increase in production of poultry

The production of poultry increased by 7 000 tonnes to a total of 91 000 tonnes from 2011 to 2012, while the quantity of beef decreased by 4 000 tonnes to 78 000 tonnes.

Carcasses approved for human consumption.
TonnesPer cent
20122011 - 20122002 - 2012
Total324 1550.924.0
Pig131 5590.626.5
Poultry91 1567.698.7
Cattle77 982-4.5-8.9
Sheep22 777-2.6-8.8

A total of 324 000 tonnes of meat from domestic animal production were approved for the market in 2012; an increase of 3 000 tonnes from 2011. Pork accounted for 132 000 tonnes of the total meat production in 2012. The production of poultry, beef and mutton was 91 000, 78 000 and 23 000 tonnes respectively.

In 2012, almost a quarter of the total meat production was produced in the county of Rogaland. The counties Nord-Trøndelag and Hedmark accounted for 14 and 12 per cent of the production respectively. Rogaland had the largest production of all kinds of meat except poultry, where Østfold and Nord-Trøndelag produced the largest quantities.