More inspections
Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
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Norwegian Food Safety Authority – StatRes (discontinued)2013

This statistics has been discontinued. Consult Norwegian Food Safety Authority.



More inspections

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s (NFSA) inspection activities increased by 4.4 percentage points in 2013 compared to 2012.

Norwegian Food Safety Authority- Key figures
1The total of inspections presented only cover the selected areas plants, land animals, fish, food industry, grocery and drinking water. They do not include the total figure for supervisions, so in reality the total is higher.
Own production (NOK million)1 2801 3181 330
Wage costs in per cent of own production60.661.263.4
Purchase of goods and services in per cent of own production39.438.836.6
Investments (NOK million)---
Transfers (NOK million)577
Total expenditure (NOK million)1 2851 3251 336
Compensation to PFI projects (NOK million)9699104
Contracted man-years adjusted for long term leaves (man-years)1 2931 258...
Activity and services
Inspections total142 98639 63941 579
Inspected carcasses approved for human consumption (tonnes)321 210324 155339 339
Inspected plant consignments1 2551 7031 539
Border control: Inspected consignments from countries outside EEA area3 9684 7684 448
Export certificates drawn for fish and fish products41 09847 65746 977
Food safety
Food poisoning where transmission has occurred in Norway1 4951 3481 570
Figure 1. Distribution of inspections to different fields

The increased number of inspections focused on animal welfare, with 1 040 more supervisions in this field compared to 2012. Other priority areas were the processing industry, fish health and import of vegetables.

Fewer border controls

In 2013, the NFSA performed 9.7 per cent fewer controls of plant consignments from countries outside EEA. For other activities the changes were small.

Satisfying state of health

The state of health for plants, fish and land animals in Norway remains good. The NFSA experienced minor changes in the reported infections of livestock, locations infected with fish disease and detection of plant pests. However, salmon lice are still a problem in the fish farming industry, and new diseases among pigs and poultry emerged in 2013.