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laeiti, Transfers of agricultural properties, purpose of use (for example agriculture, residential, leisure), registered transfers, purchase prise, change of ownership, type of transfer (for example compulsory sale, gift, free sale), farmland, forest areaProperty, Agricultural properties , Construction, housing and property, Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing

Transfers of agricultural properties


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Key figures

8 769

transfers of agricultural properties

Registered transfers of agricultural properties
Total numberSharePer cent
2016 - 20172013 - 2017
Total8 769100-2.1-2.9
Type of transfer
Free market sale2 871331.15.4
Donation1 96422-4.8-11.0
Licensed and inheritance of decedent estate2 87133-3.9-2.7
Compulsory sale651-8.5-11.0
Transfers by purpose of use
Dwelling1 87421-1.58.8
Agriculture5 53963-1.2-2.5

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Table 1 
Registered transfers of agricultural properties, by county, type of transfer and type and sex of new owner

Registered transfers of agricultural properties, by county, type of transfer and type and sex of new owner1
Number of transfersNew ownerAverage age, new owner
MaleFemalePrivate limited companyOtherIn family with former ownerNot in family with former owner
1Comprises properties with at least 5 decares own agriculture area and/or at least 25 decares productive forest area.
20139 0275 3493 3571741475 5243 50351
20149 3155 4653 4911721875 4703 84552
20158 9845 3533 3421511385 5353 44952
20168 9585 3803 301180975 4093 54952
20178 7695 2983 203171975 2563 51352
Akershus and Oslo3021849716516413850
Sogn og Fjordane3822181573424114152
Møre og Romsdal6013762174436423752
Sør-Trøndelag (-2017)5333251987335118249
Nord-Trøndelag (-2017)4262961234324817847
Nordland1 088640416221065942957
Troms - Romsa7394193086648225757
Finnmark - Finnmárku20711877931238457
By type of transfer
Free market sale2 8712 061646125394882 38345
Donation1 9641 341614631 74521943
Licensed2 8711 2081 6353252 36750465
Compulsory sale65521210155049

Table 2 
Agricultural properties sold on the free market, by purchase price

Agricultural properties sold on the free market, by purchase price1
Transfers in totalNumber of properties by purchase priceAverage purchase price per transfer
Until NOK 999 000NOK 1 000 000 - 1 999 000NOK 2 000 000 - 2 999 000NOK 3 000 000 - 4 999 000More than NOK 5 000 000NOK
1Comprises properties with at least 5 decares own agriculture area and/or at least 25 decares productive forest area.
20132 7251 1666763973361501 944 000
20142 8261 1537014623511591 989 000
20152 7921 0997094313442092 137 000
20162 8401 0596944334212332 231 000
20172 8711 0556614614702242 322 000
Østfold11020141039274 194 000
Akershus and Oslo10312111129405 333 000
Hedmark3771461006450172 154 000
Oppland24586575234162 114 000
Buskerud13336172729243 446 000
Vestfold7297827215 038 000
Telemark11132321716142 538 000
Aust-Agder912224132752 423 000
Vest-Agder1354134253052 157 000
Rogaland13437202729213 131 000
Hordaland1443634333562 254 000
Sogn og Fjordane1023731231101 634 000
Møre og Romsdal1916057393141 876 000
Sør-Trøndelag (-2017)1395234262072 126 000
Nord-Trøndelag (-2017)15960313028102 165 000
Nordland36221493302141 258 000
Troms - Romsa2011184923921 261 000
Finnmark - Finnmárku6237163511 065 000

Table 3 
Registered transfers of agricultural properties, by county

Registered transfers of agricultural properties, by county1
Agricultural properties in totalTransfers in totalTransfers by purpose of useTransfers with buildingTransfers on the free marked2
DwellingHolidayAgricultureOtherIn totalWithout buildingWith building
1Comprise properties with at least 5 decares agricultural area or/and 25 decares productive forest area
2Free market sale means that the property is sold for a price corresponding to the market value. The property is not always announced for sale on the free market.
2013186 1289 0271 7238085 6838138 2942 7252912 434
2014185 7329 3152 0779685 6765948 4732 8263592 467
2015185 0258 9841 8879085 6445458 1522 7923352 457
2016184 4078 9581 9039265 6045258 2682 8402632 577
2017183 6398 7691 8748395 5395177 7082 8714272 444
Østfold6 7202585091891023311010100
Akershus and Oslo7 716302888173332471031588
Hedmark15 908900220495943774537784293
Oppland14 758689110375212161024539206
Buskerud9 58244273243192639313321112
Vestfold4 60319234713318170721260
Telemark8 1773765927273173411111398
Aust-Agder5 58624353151561921791982
Vest-Agder7 50237371352392832413524111
Rogaland10 38948171343463041313423111
Hordaland13 5865379252368254931444140
Sogn og Fjordane10 184382592327921361102894
Møre og Romsdal13 725601140473882654219119172
Sør-Trøndelag (-2017)10 93453386553791348613924115
Nord-Trøndelag (-2017)9 36342699352811137915927132
Nordland18 8091 0883182164817395736246316
Troms - Romsa12 1447391811233567962320132169
Finnmark - Finnmárku3 95320770436430174621745

About the statistics

The statistics show the number of registered transfers of agricultural properties, buyer and seller information, sales value, transfers by purpose of use (agriculture, dwelling, holiday etc.) and different types of transfer (sold on the free market, donations etc.).


Definitions of the main concepts and variables

Registered transfer of real property

Includes registered transfers of title and establishment and transfer of lease. A transfer can include the whole or part of one or more ground parcels, leases and sections of buildings registered as freehold. Transfers of dwellings attached to housing co-opertives or similar are not included.

Agricultural and forestry property

Property that is used for or could be used for agriculture and/or forestry. All agricultural/forestry area belonging to the same owner within a municipality is regarded as one property, irrespective of the number of cadastral units.

Forest property

Property with at least 25 decares of productive forest area.

Agricultural holding

A single unit both technically and economically, which has single management and which produces agricultural products. The holding is independent of municipality boundaries. The agricultural holding's headquarter must be located to an agricultural property.

Transfer of Agricultural and forrest properties

A transfer does not only comprise ordinary sale, but also donation, compulsory sale and eminent domain, licensed decedent estate, inheritance of decedent estate and other. A transfer can also comprise one or several cadastral units. For properties with more than one owner, a transfer can also be a part of a property.


Properties transferred for a price lower than the tax base / market value is coded as a donation.

Purpose of use

Information of the properties purpose of use is given on the deed of conveyance.

Free market sale

Free market sale means that the property is sold for a price corresponding to the market value. The property is not always announced for sale on the free market.

Activity in agriculture

Activity in agriculture means that the property is the management center for one or several agricultural properties.

Activity in forestry

An agricultural property with at least 25 decares productiv forest area that has carried out industrial roundwood removals for sale the last ten years.

Standard classifications

Classification of type of property by registered transfer of real property

Classification of type of transfer by registered transfer of real property

Administrative information

Name and topic

Name: Transfers of agricultural properties
Topic: Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing

Next release

Responsible division

Division for Housing, Property, Spatial and Agricultural Statistics

Regional level

County and centrality / industrial link.

Frequency and timeliness


International reporting

Not relevant


Microdata are store in Statistics Norway.


Background and purpose

The purpose is to show the development over time of registered transfers of agricultural properties. Transfers of agricultural properties are regulated by legal framework and a large share of the transfers take place within the family. Agricultural properties vary in size (agricultural land, productive forest and other land categories), standard on buildings and location.

Users and applications

The main users are public and private sector agencies, research and educational institutions and media.

Equal treatment of users

No external users have access to the statistics and analyses before they are published and accessible simultaneously for all users on ssb.no at 08 am. Prior to this, a minimum of three months' advance notice is given in the Statistics Release Calendar.

Coherence with other statistics

The quarterly statistics on registered transfers of real property also include figures for transferred agricultural properties. However, only properties where agriculture is reported as the purpose of use on the deed of conveyance are included in these statistics.

Legal authority

The Statistics Act §§2-1, 3-2

EEA reference

Not relevant



Including 2010, the statistics comprise properties in the Farm Register of the Norwegian Agricultural Authority with at least 5 decares owned agricultural area and/or at least 25 decares productive forest area. As from 2012 the statistics are based on new cartographic data analyses and data on owners and properties from the cadastre in combination with data from the Farm register. Figures for 2011 are not published.

An agricultural property may comprise one or several cadastral units within a municipality. Each cadastrial unit is identified by a number and one of the numbers are choosen as the main number, in most cases the unit with buildings. A registered transfer may also comprise one or several cadastral units, and the lowest number is chosen as the main number of the property. A property therefor may have different main number in these two registers.

The agricultural properties and the registered transfers are first merged by the main number. For agricultural properties not merging by main number, each cadastral unit are merged with the rest of the transfers. If agriculture is given as a purpose of use on the deed of conveyance, or the cadastral unit has a code for agriculture in the register, the transfer is included in this statistics.

A registered transfer does not only comprise ordinary sale, but also donation, compulsory sale and eminent domain, licensed decedent estate, inheritance of decedent estate and other. A transfer can also comprise one or several cadastral units. For properties with more than one owner, a transfer can also be a part of a property. The same agricultural property can be transferred several times during the same year.

Transfers of agricultural properties representing a purchase price / value exceeding NOK 20 million are not very common, and the number of such transfers varies between years. This will lead to considerable variation in average purchase price from one year to another. As from 2009, transfers where the purchase price exceeds NOK 20 million are not included in the calculation of average purchase price. As from 2013, this limit is NOK 30 million. Corrections are also done for transfers that only comprise parts of a property and for transfers of properties with building merged to a property without building. These corrections are only done to make the average purchase price comparable and will not influence the number of transfers.

Corresponding corrections are also done for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Data sources and sampling

The statistics is built on the Agricultural and forrest properties from the statisitcs "Agricultural Properties" and data from the Register of Deeds (Grunnboka), the Cadastre System  (no: Matrikkelen) and the Central Population Register.

Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority is responsible for the Register of Deeds.

Collection of data, editing and estimations

The statistics are built on registers.

A large number of controls are done during the process of merging the registers: Controls of duplicates, manually check of transfers with large values, coding of different units and controls of illogical data combinatons.

Seasonal adjustment

Not relevant


Figures are not published if there is a risk of identyfying any unit.

Comparability over time and space

The statistics are prepared annually back to 2000. Figures on the properties´ buildings and settlement are prepared for 2000 and annually from 2006.

Agricultural properties comprise considerable areas and building resources, with and without industrial activity. Changes in the legal framework may cause changes of importance due to settlement, industrial activity and other activity on agricultural properties.

In the period 2000-2009 the Concession Act is changed three times. In 2001, the upper area limit for dispensation from concession requirement for transfers of agricultural properties changed from 5 decares to 20 decares. In 2003, the corresponding upper area limit was changed to 100 decares, of this 20 decares or less cultivated agricultural area. In 2009, the upper area limit remained 100 decares, while the upper limit for cultivated area was changed to 25 decares.

Accuracy and reliability

Sources of error and uncertainty

Errors may arise when data are entered into administrative registers. Errors may also occur while different registers are merged during the data processing. For example: various date for upgrading the register information.

Registering a transfer in the Register of Deeds is voluntary, but only an insignificant share of the transfers are not registered.

There is also reason to belive that some small agricultural properties are not registered or have lacking data in the Farm Register.

The statistics are based mainly on information reported in connection with registration of title to property and thus considered to be reliable. Misclassification of type of property and type of dwelling may occur. Lacking information of unproductive areas in the Farm Register, results in no opportunity to classify agricultural property transfers by the propertys total area.

In 2009, controls are done by means of the national population register to inquire whether the property is sold within the family or not. Family includes spouse, children, brothers, sisters, parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles. In 1964, personal identification number was introduced. Even several natural persons who died before 1964 have got a number. The older a person is the harder it is to find a link between parents and their children. In some instances the lack of personal identification number will make it difficult to check the relationship between the old and new owner, especially when the former owner is sister or brother of one of the parents of the new owner.

A transfer can have more than one buyer and one seller. In this statistics, the relationship is only checked for one seller and one buyer. This person with the largest owner share is chosen. If two persons have identical owner share, the oldest one is chosen. About 70 per cent of the transfers have one buyer, 20 per cent have two and 10 per cent have three or more. Especially properties transferred as inheritance of decedent estate have three or more new owners.


Not relevant