Increased conversion of productive land
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Increased conversion of productive land

Norwegian municipalities allowed to transfer 8 800 decares of cultivated land and 6 600 1 decares of cultivable land to non-agricultural use in 2007. At the same time, the municipalities permitted land reclamation of 13 100 decares.

Conversion of arable land to non-agricultural uses. 2007. Per cent

Area of productive land transferred to non-agricultural use. 1993-2007. Decares

In 2007, 8 800 decares of cultivated land was transferred to non-agricultural use. This is one of the lowest registered areas of arable land transferred since 1980, but about 800 decares more than the year before. In the same period 6 600 1 decares of cultivable land was transferred, an increase of 500 1 decares from 2006.

The national government has set as its goal to reduce the transferring of agricultural land to non-agricultural use by 50 percent within 2010. In the period 1994-2003, there was a yearly transferring of cultivated land to non-agricultural use of 13 360 decares.

The municipalities permitted land reclamation of 13 100 decares in 2007, an increase of 1 500 decares from the year before.

As from 2005, the reporting system is simplified, and the detailed governmental administrative data system is replaced by a questionnaire through the municipality state reporting system named KOSTRA. In addition to report land transferred to various types of non-agricultural use, the questionnaire also considers decisions taken about land reclamation, splitting of agricultural property and application for concession to buy a farm.

1  The figure is corrected 26 June 2008.

The figures for cultivated and cultivable area transferred to non-agricultural uses under provision of The Planning and Building act are corrected. The corrections concern figures for the municipality of Trondheim, and the related figures for the county of Sør-Trøndelag and the whole country. In the StatBank, figures for Trondheim will be revised in the end of August.