Less grain - more meadow
Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing;Nature and the environment
jordbruksareal, Agricultural area and livestock (discontinued), farmland by use (for example corn, oilseed crops, potatoes), working area, fully cultivated land, livestock (for example dairy cows, laying hens, pigs), organic farming, farmingAgriculture , Area , Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing, Nature and the environment

Agricultural area and livestock (discontinued)31 July 2005, preliminary figures



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Less grain - more meadow

The area of meadows for mowing and pastures increased from 2004 to 2005, while the area of grain decreased. The total agricultural area in use for those who applied for agricultural production subsidies was 10.24 million decares in 2005.

Agricultural area by use. 1995 - 2005. Decares

The total area of meadows for mowing and pasture increased by 15 000 decares to 6.49 million decares in 2005, caused by a growing area of surface cultivated pasture land. The area of grain decreased by 31 000 deacres to 3.21 million decares from 2004 to 2005.

The number of beef cows is still increasing, while there are small changes in the number of other domestic animals.

Some agricultural holdings do not apply for governmental production subsidies, and are therefore not comprised by this statistics. Nevertheless, most of these holdings have a low agricultural production. Statistics Norway will present preliminary figures for all agricultural holdings 22 February 2006.