More moose felled
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Moose hunting2003, preliminary figures



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More moose felled

In 2003 hunters felled a total of 38 600 moose - 672 more than in 2002. Still, this is slightly less than in the record year of 1999.

Number of moose felled. 1952-2003

Moose felled. Distributed by age and sex, per cent. 1991 and 2003

A total felling quota of 46 700 animals were allocated for the moose hunting in 2003, of which 83 per cent were felled. A total of 12 700 calves, 11 400 younger animals (1 ½ years of age) and 14 500 older animals were felled in the autumn 2003.

Most moose felled in Hedmark

20 per cent of all moose shot in the autumn 2003 were felled in the county of Hedmark. Regarding the number of hunting licenses and number of felled animals, Hedmark is the largest "moose county". 8 472 hunting licenses were issued, and 7 652 animals were felled. In the counties of Nord-Trøndelag and Telemark 5 042 and 4 244 animals were shot respectively.

By dividing the number of moose felled by the size of the hunting area, Akershus County gets the highest score. In average, 5.4 animals were shot per 10 km² of hunting area in the autumn 2003. Vestfold and Østfold are next in line with 5.1 and 4.6 respectively.

Number of moose felled in Finnmark. 1992-2003

Number of moose felled per 10 km² qualifying hunting area. 2003. Municipality.

Increase in Finnmark

The stock of moose has increased the past years in the county of Finnmark, resulting in higher felling. Last autumn 683 animals were felled in this county, an increase of 55 animals from the previous autumn. By comparison, during the autumn 1996 a total of 243 moose were felled in Finnmark.

Number of moose hunters

Among the cervid species, moose hunting is most common. A total of 56 800 hunters took part in moose hunting in the autumn 2002.