Hunters shoot less moose
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Moose hunting2001, preliminary figures



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Hunters shoot less moose

A total of 37 300 moose were felled in autumn 2001, 700 animals less than last year. The felling percentage was unchanged.

Norwegian moose stocks have grown explosively since the early 1970's. From 1972 the hunting yield increased from 6 200 animals to 39 400 in the record year 1999.

Number of moose felled. 1952-2001

Totally 44 437 licenses were issued, against 45 210 in the autumn 2000. A total of 12 522 calves, 10 899 1 ½ years of age and 13 879 older animals were felled this autumn. The distribution by sex was 55 per cent male and 45 per cent female.

Most moose shot in Hedmark

18 per cent of all moose shot in autumn 2001 were felled in Hedmark. Regarding the number of hunting licenses and number of felled animals, Hedmark is the largest moose county. Totally 7 746 hunting licenses were issued, and 6 810 animals were felled. This gives a felling rate of 88.

In Nord-Trøndelag 4 584 moose were shot and in Telemark 4 463.

Increase in Finnmark

Moose felled. Distributed by age and sex, per cent. 1991 and 2001

The stock of moose has increased the past years in Finnmark, and this results in higher felling. In the autumn 2001, 684 permissions were issued and 534 animals were felled. This is an increase of 57 animals, or 12 per cent, from the autumn 2000. By comparison, the autumn 1996 a total of 243 moose were felled in Finnmark. In the two great red deer counties Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane respectively 39 and 13 moose where felled in the autumn 2001.

Trysil, the greatest moose municipality

Trysil is the municipality where most animals were felled. Of a felling quota of 1 044 animals, 891 were felled. 85 per cent of the quota where felled.

Steinkjer is in next place with 699 felled moose and Drangedal and Ringerike with 648 and 581 moose respectively.

137 moose shot in Oslo

Inside the border of Oslo municipality 137 animals where shot autumn 2001, and this is 16 more than in the previous autumn.